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New Tracks [Mar. 6th, 2007|09:36 am]
Music Reviews from Mark T


Finally another update.

A track from the new Machinehead album has surfaced. I'm unconvinced with it to be honest, sounds a bit too like it's from The Burning Red era.
Machinehead - Aesthetics of Hate

Featuring Daryl Palumbo from Glassjaw this long-running background project is still apparantly going. Chilled out, rather strange. A bit Incubus-esque. Ok. Not brilliant.
Geometry - Hard To Breathe

The new album from ZoZobra is streamable from their website. These guys are touring with Isis & Jesu so you can imagine the style the go for. A varied mix of prog-influenced technical guitars and powerful hardcore distorted sounds. The same goes for the vocals, ranging from very reverberated singing to full on hardcore screams. Actually pretty good.
ZoZobra - Harmonic Tremors (full release)

A band that lists their influences as Rorschach, Dissolve & Justin Timberlake who knows what to expect. It's kindof trash of sorts. Sortof. Think Dillinger Escape Plan but slowed down and not quite as technical. More raw I guess. It's listenable, nothing really inventive though.
Pristina - Various

That's your lot for now. I've got some more to go through later.