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[ALBUM] Sikth - Death of a Dead Day [Jun. 7th, 2006|10:35 am]
Music Reviews from Mark T

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Sikth - Death of a Dead Day
The release of Sikth's second full-length offering has been eagerly anticipated throughout the hardcore scene for well over a year. Their debut album broke many boundaries surrounding hardcore music and was one of the most unique albums I have ever heard, especially as it included a Nick Cave cover.
This album is no different, but this time they have pushed even further. All fears that this album would be more accessible have been crushed within the first few seconds. The brutal drumming has been stepped up, guitars and bass are much heavier, and the vocals sound even more insane. Similarities to bands like Murder One and even Fear Factory in places mean this is a brutally heavy album. Sikth still have time for a more melodic angle however. In This Light has delicate vocals, Opeth style guitars, and slow drumming but still manages to keep up the energy through every instrument.
A spoken word track, Mermaid Slur also breaks up preceedings and lets you recover for a minute before the next track starts.
This is hardcore at it's best.

Did the kitten purr, did the mermaid slur.
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[ALBUM] AFI - December Underground [May. 28th, 2006|07:07 pm]
Music Reviews from Mark T

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AFI - December Underground
It's been a while since the last AFI album and within that time emo bands have become a lot more apparant in popular music. AFI has always mixed together emo and punk influences to create their own sound of powerful, but uplifting music. The album starts with a prelude similar to that featured on Sing The Sorrow, but quickly the pace builds up and the first proper track, Kill Caustic shows that AFI have not lost anything, but infact have used modern emo influences with their own sound to create something even better. It's worth noting that the first single off the album, Miss Murder, is not really a good indication of the direction the album has taken.
The mix of emo and punk has matured to a higher level, and it is actually the tracks with the biggest emo influences that stand out as being the best songs on the album. The Interview is the highlight of the album for me; a slow, emotional song with lyrics including the album title.

December Underground, As you exhale. By breathing and sinking too, the water underground, and i grow pale without you.
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