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New Music [Aug. 5th, 2006|11:32 am]
Music Reviews from Mark T


Some awesome new stuff has surfaced today.

Lets start with The Blood Brothers. Their previous albums have been excellent, and unique, although pretty inaccessible to many due to the lack of structure and the manic vocals.
Two songs from their new album, Young Machetes are now available and they keep their unique sound while adding more structure, more "bouncy" beats and more casio keyboards. While the vocals stay very bizarre, they are much more controlled and vague glimpses of grunge band Huggy Bear appear to me through the vocals.
So here they are:
The Blood Brothers - Set Fire to the Face & Laser Life

Leng Tch'e also have a couple of new tracks available. People may remember I posted their last video involving a guy massacring his boss in the office. This is pure brutal grindcore. Think Raging Speedhorn with more talent and more energy. Not one for the feint-hearted.
Leng Tch'e - Confluence of Consumers & Self-Pity as a Daily Routine

And finally, a band that requires no introduction. The entirety of Slayer's new album is streamable here:
Slayer - Christ Illusion